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About the Organization


District School Board, Hooghly was established in the year 1945. The prime focus of the District School Board was on spreading of Primary Education all over the district. District School Board was reconstituted as District Primary School Council (DPSC) under West Bengal Primary Education Act 1973 in the year 1990. We, the members of the DPSC family, had systematically attempted to develop the infrastructural and academic upliftment in our 2968 nos. of primary schools within 47 circles prior to the inception of Sarva Shiksha Mission.

The District Primary School Council, Hooghly closely works with the office of the District Inspector of Schools (PE), Hooghly and office of the District Project Officer, Sarva Shiksha Mission, Hooghly.

And, we know, we have miles to go and much more to do to achieve the dream of “Elementary Education” for all upto the age of 14.


Our Activities  :                                          

  1. Disbursement of Primary Teachers' Salary regularly.
  2. Inspection and Supervision of Primary Schools under District Primary School Council
  3. Monitoring the activities related to SarvaSiksha Mission
  4. School Sports from Circle Level to State Level
  5. To organize pre-service and in-service training programme
  6. Matters relating to Primary Teachers Training Institutes
  7. Appointment of Primary School Teachers
  8. PF
  9. Pension
  10. GSLI


The DPSC is the district level arm of the West Bengal Board of Primary Education with DI - Pri being DPSC's ex - officio secretary. The key functions of DPSC are:

·  Monitoring & Supervision: DPSC has the responsibility of monitoring & supervision of all primary schools except those looked after by DI-Pri.

·  Teacher affairs: DPSC is responsible for teacher recruitment, transfer, promotion, leave, salary/benefits disbursement, etc of the primary school teachers.

·  PTTI affairs: DPSC is responsible for processing & selection of candidates for admissions to the PTTIs.

·  Diagnostic Achievement Test: DPSC is entrusted with conducting the diagnostic achievement test in classes 2 & 3.

·  Miscellaneous: DPSC processes the request for recognition of new primary schools. It also allocates funds for various infrastructure grants.